'Luigi v. Wendy O. Koopa ::Koopaling Fling'

Oh..The Kootie-Pie Koopa is one nasty gal..

in a dream world..: THAT Luigi's her Pal..

..no Peachs ..no Daisy.. power t'impress..

..Goomba Blood lip-stain n' a frilly red dress !!

..With a pretty pink bow n' fancy fake pearls..

..she's the lil' Miss Koop-shine of all Bowser's girls !!

This lil' spiked witch ..will make plumbers twitch ..

.. bitter-sweet fantasy::..they'll live in a ditch..

Picket white fences n' Spiney in toe..

and pretty Piranhas all in a row.

Luigi will work, bring home the bacon..

..Wendy'll eat Koop-bon-bons ((if i ain' mistaken..))


..i can see it now..::

..She'll watch Lifetime all day..

..yak on a phone,lay on her spikes..

..while tired Uigi slaves n' takes care of the the tikes.

Why, they'll rule Chocolate Island..keep Yoshis in fear'err..

~~** Kiss ..kiss,Kootie-pie.. ya just broke yir mirror !!


CRAYON,colour pencil,magic marker,design markers,Ph.shop,Firworks..

- 26 May 2007

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